An estimated 20.4% of adults aged 65 and over met criteria for a mental disorder, including dementia, during the previous 12 months (Karel, Gatz, & Smyer, 2012).  Thus, the accurate assessment and treatment of psychological disorders in older adults is believed to have a great impact on the well-being of this growing population.  This toolbox presents evidence-based treatments and screening tools that have been found to be effective for use in both the general and older adult populations, with a special emphasis on older adults, given the unique properties, characteristics, and challenges that they present.  The aim of this toolbox is to expand the accessibility of geropsychology practice tools to both students and clinicians and to bring us closer to the goal of improving the psychological well-being in older adults.

Citations are provided for useful books and articles. Some of these may be viewable online by searching Google books at If you are affiliated with a university, your institution may have online copies available as well.

Look at the extensive assessment database of geriatric measures from the University of Alabama’s Alabama Research Institute on Aging! Register for access to the database HERE.


We will also be adding available treatment manuals for working with older adults, and a section on Long Term Care planning.